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Modify this Turing Machine: Run this Turing Machine: How to use: Select a Turing machine from the box at the top. Additional machines can be created, and changes will be saved automatically on the selected machine, though reloading the page will cause changes to be lost. Rules are created by adding rows to the control in the middle of the page, and typing in the starting and ending states, symbol read in, and action. Possible actions are < meaning go left, > meaning go right, and any letter, which means to replace the symbol under the read/write head with that symbol. Any state mentioned in a rule will show up under the list of states, and the start state and the final states of the Turing machine can be selected. Finally, run the turing machine by entering a sequence of symbols (letters) in the box at the bottom and clicking "Start." Then click "Cycle" to advance the machine by one cycle.